Thursday, June 14, 2001

It's just another day. Not too shitty, but still it's another "wondrous" day at work. The Bengal tigress was quiet today. Maybe she's just too preoccupied with trying to impress the bosses with her emails/work, or trying to use her acid tongue to flame people...

Oh well... the joys of workplace politics... have not mentioned anything about my boss yet.
My workstation's very messy... guess that could have contributed to the negative mindset I have at work. Hope things change soon. It's too close to my last leave to take another leave... but it's been very dreary.
Add this to a nice dose of lethargy, fatigue and lack of sleep, I now have tired eyes (complete with dark eye rings that has been more or less there since the day Saturn's got hers), runi nose, dry throat and some cough. Although it hasn't escalated to a full scale flu thingy (my whole body ached on Monday), I know I'm pretty close to that.
Cell's going along fine, save for a minor scare early this week. Received positive feedback about cell, but I guess it's just people encouraging me on. No.. not that I don't appreciate that, but I know deep within myself that it's more than just what I have done. In fact, what I have accomplished so far is still way, way, way, way below what I think I should be doing.
But that's me, you see, I'm a perfectionist...
Anyway, it's a Wednesday. Mid-week. But nothing much to look forward to (except Friday :) ). Have to drag myself to work on Saturday and at the same time, face two people that I'd rather not face. But that's life isn't it? Yeh... C'est la vie.
Guess it's back to RailRoad Tycoon Deluxe / Surfing around the Singaporean Forums (Sintercom/SingaPRata/Ideawerkz) / Chatting with friends for me tonight. (But this is subject to the availabilty of the PC...)
Pretty exciting life eh?
Article of the day:
(i)Project Eyeball (p12) 'Log on to weblogs'
(ii) TNP What's that patch at the back of your head? Do you shave your legs?
Song of the day: "Quk Hang Mei" - Lau Tak Wah (Theme song for TVB Serial "Reaching Out")